Commercial Services

Network Installation

We plan the networks and subnetworks, we quote the hardware, we install it, we run cables, and we drink way too much coffee.

Server Deployment

From single-server to multi-server solutions, DLX Technologies does it right the first time, every time, with no downtime.

Workstation Deployment

We do network-based workstation imaging to make deployment fast and standardized, to maintain security and efficiency.

Network Administration

24/7 monitoring of your networks means peace of mind, while you go enjoy a piece of cake*.

VoIP PBX Solutions

We design and implement customized in-house VoIP PBX solutions, much cheaper than any telco company in Dallas. All you need is a T1 PRI.

Software Development

From CRM software to sales analytics and web-based helpdesk applications, DLX Technologies can develop custom-taylored web apps for your business.

* Cake sold separately.

Security Auditing

Penetration testing and network auditing shows you where the holes are and how to get them fixed up and secured.

Data Recovery

Data forensics and recovery services for hard drives in legal matters, or non-legal matters.

Network Surveillance

We have remote monitoring software that will let you spy on your workstations in real-time, storing months of data on a central server.